The one is our new and exclusive uk manufactured eyelash extension adhesive. 

The adhesive has a low viscosity (thin) enabling it to flow around the lash quicker and more thoroughly (excellent for volume lashes).

It has a fast drying time (1-2 seconds)

It has a very strong long lasting retention but with a low odour and very small amount of fume.


The One lash adhesive

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  • Storage Of Lash Adhesives
    Storage of lash glues - store upright a temperature range of between 16-24 °C.
    Before use allow the bottle to stand at room temperature for about 30 minutes prior to treatment and shake
    the bottle for approximately 10-20 seconds before using.
    Humidity between 40-70% - Ideal humidity 55%.
    Room temperature should be between 21 – 23°C
    If humidity is too high the eyelash adhesive will not cure correctly and shock polymerization takes place,
    causing a weaker bond with the natural lash.
    If humidity is too low then the curing time will be slower as there is not enough moisture to 'cure' the
    eyelash adhesive and client will have poor retention with the adhesive.
    NOTE Lash adhesives NEVER alter in their manufacturing process and ingredients.
    If a lash tech has a problem with a glue it is usually incorrect storage, environment or usage.
    Lash tech must clean the nozzle every time before replacing the lid
    Lash tech must replace and tighten the lid after each drop is dispensed to stop any moisture or air getting
    Lash tech must have correct working environment temperature and relative humidity
    Keep away from lash lift vapours and peroxide vapours in a hairdressers as this affects the glue
    To help with glue vapours, correct airflow would be required in the working area.
    It is recommended the correct masks are used when performing lash treatments.
    Always read warning signs on glue labels.
    Do not get lash glue on skin.
    NOTE allergies can still occur even if patch test was carried out and it is advisable to inform clients of
    this and get them to sign a waiver form to accept this.

    Data safety sheet available upon request